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What makes FRUITFUL MIXOLOGY ™ unique?

FRUITFUL MIXOLOGY ™ is the first of its kind in that it is both a spirit and a fully shelf stable real fruit product. Our liqueurs are all made with real fruit purees, allowing you to add fresh fruit flavor without having to do any juicing, muddling, or thawing of purees.

Why is FRUITFUL MIXOLOGY ™ so colorful?

We use all natural extracts from fruits, vegetables and spices to enhance the natural fruit colors and make your cocktail POP


We blend juices from around the world with clean fruit extracts, real sugar, a neutral cane base spirit, natural coloring, and simple acids, resulting in an all-natural product that you can feel great about serving to your customers and friends.


Is FRUITFUL MIXOLOGY ™ an affordable option for my small bar? 


Fruitful is very affordable at .41 per ounce. Especially considering many products like syrups, purees, and liquors require the addition of much more of their product in a drink to emulate that flavor. Our products only require ½ to 1 ounce which is a huge cost savings.

I want to have quality fruity cocktails on my menu but I don’t want to have to deal with the mess of muddling or handling purees.  Does FRUITFUL MIXOLOGY ™ offer a solution? 


Fruitful has a great ease of use. It mixes into carbonated beverages like beers and seltzer with little to no stirring. It also can be used in a jigger without leaving a large amount of residue



Do I have to refrigerate after opening? 


Fruitful has an infinite shelf life and doesn’t need to be refrigerated after opening.  That’s without artificial preservatives! 


How bar-friendly is the packaging for FRUITFUL MIXOLOGY ™?  Will they work for my speed rack? 


Fruitful has a great bottle design and can be used with a speed pourer for high-speed bars. The bottles are lightweight PET plastic so no worry about breaking bottles.



What kind of preservatives or artificial ingredients do FRUITFUL MIXOLOGY ™ products have? 


Fruitful has clean ingredients meaning no artificial color, flavors or any preservatives which many products do.



What kind of flavors does FRUITFUL MIXOLOGY ™ offer? 


Fruitful has many popular flavors but also very exotic flavors that are not commonly offered in the market. We are also always expanding our line and always open to feedback and suggestions from our customers.



Do FRUITFUL MIXOLOGY ™ products have a lot of sugar? 


Fruitful has a lower sugar content then many of the syrups and purees out there. We recognize that people are more health conscientious and want real fruit flavor but not with all the added sugar.  We use real juice and purees in our products in order to keep a lower sugar content. We do all this without compromising how great our products taste. 


Is FRUITFUL MIXOLOGY ™ a puree or a liqueur?


Fruitful is the best of both worlds. We source the highest quality juice concentrates and purees from across the globe to craft our premium cocktail liqueurs. 

Why Plastic Bottles?

We use PET bottles blended with a UV protectant resin that ensures our product quality is maintained. UV light can damage and degrade our flavor and our color over time, since both are derived from fruits and vegetables.


Make your best cocktail.

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